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Ashiyana Green

Location : Nayagaon
Plot Size : 1200, 1800, 2400 Sq.Fit
Price : 700 Sq.Fit

About Vira Developers

1.This company has succeeded building the agriculture path in the area of patna and its surrounding in very short time.
2. These company are the first to assist bihar in the development of Bihar by making "j.v" along with the country 's largest biggest construction company in Bihar
3. In the field of rural development many have done and succeeded in this company.
4. In real state this company has been started ploting bihta & nayagaon project in 2018
5. Veera developers in run by a team and group of highly creative and dynamic professionals with upcoming years
6. We have a excellent location in nayagaon and bihta ,more than 500 plots in nayagaon in main road (6 lane highway)
7. The best investment on earth is earth