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Our mission is to keep developing organic competency in the provision of quality services in the domains of real estate and infrastructure to our valued client base.
Residential Tenants in Patna

We carry “Renting and Leasing” for tenants in Patna on the principle of “LOWEST & BEST”. We get you the lowest rent and best accommodation according to your requirement in the locality that matches your profile and needs. We will get you a landlord who is friendly and accommodating. We view tenancy from a long-term perspective and forge a relationship with you so that when the right time comes, we can help you BUY your dream home in Patna if you wish to settle in our city. We know a home is for lifetime and we serve you therefore for lifetime.

Commercial Tenants in Patna

We know the “cost factor” of your business in Patna. Rent is one great part of it. The streamlined revenues of your outlets /offices/ shops/ restaurant/ guesthouses/ clinics / playschools/ coaching classes etc. depend on the location and the consumption capacity of the residents in the locality. Secondly, we understand the longevity factor of the space; perseverance pays and therefore it needs to be long term. We understand your business as you do. Therefore, we work to get the best places based on our constant and consistent research on Patna real estate for your business. If you are someone starting NEW, we act as your brains till your launch so that you carry on to expand…

Corporate and their Employees in Patna

We manage your “arrogance and ignorance” on the ground. We manage your costs which your own team cares a bit less. We get you rates; which you even did not think of in Patna. All we want you to know is that we understand our city Patna better. All we need is an e-mail of requirements about papers and space. We will get you better locations on our own. Mind it we will enhance your brand in Patna and your employees will have better workplaces. Secondly, we go by rules. Compromise has no place in our dictionary.

Innovation is our DNA. Therefore we ask the HR teams of the corporate to tell the Employees of their organizations that before they join they will have their accommodation  in Patna waiting for them. Yes; there is a HOUSE on click of MOUSE in Patna i.e. Vira Developers. We ensure that the employees of your organization save time, energy and money and thank the local HR/ ADMIN for this wonderful “FRIENDSHIP- BAND”.

Builders, Developers And Realtors in Patna

We help you find land for your residential OR commercial projects in Patna (http://www.viradevelopers.com /Patna/land-for-builders-in-Patna). We launch your project digitally and carry its digital advertisement for higher ROI. We build a digital brand for your company and project/s. Our website and blogs serve as your advertisement platforms. Our sales team assist you sale the project by listing and other activities. We also help you find tenants if a part of your project is for leasing purpose. We endeavor to bring corporate tie ups at your door steps for purchase as well as leasing. Our research reports are handy for you to decide the location and type of the project in demand in a particular locality in Patna. We also tell you about the competition and competitive pricing in Patna real estate market. We help you to take decisions based on data/facts.

Students in Patna

We understand the “love and hate relationships” that the landlords have for you. The rent attracts them but your way of life distracts them. Late nights and irregularities are your ways and we know it. You have friends who come over and at the same time you need access to peace for STUDY. You need good food and hygienic surroundings to reside. We take care of all these to match you with the landlord or PG accommodation of your type. We ensure that you STUDY and live life as a young man/woman in Patna. We even offer “apprentice” program for students in our organization for a “working exposure” as per your interests and future career planning.

Bachelors working in Patna.


You have migrated from being a student to working professional. You are yet to start your own family OR your family stays away. You have special needs; most of the time you are away; and it’s only on weekends that you spent time at your rented residence. You often come late night. Occasionally you Party. Sometimes you cook but more often you eat out. You have friends and occasionally few relatives coming in. You need a landlord or even the sharing partner who understands your way of life and you his/hers. In case of woman folk, we take special care. We find an accommodation for you where you can live “YOUR LIFE” & “DREAM FURTHER”.


Buyers of Flats in Patna 

At Vira Developers We listen; we learn Flat’s buyer requirement of location, price, size, quality, budget and much more. Our team matches Buyers’ profile to societies and other habitants and the existing inventories, new projects as well as re-sale. We search and do in-depth research of the options available in Patna property market and carry surgical verifications. We carry all paper work for them; even help them in getting home loans for their dream home. Finally our TEAM attends the “GRIH PRAVESH PUJA” and wishes the best for our customers

Buyers of Land in Patna

The team at Vira Developers learns the objective of purchase of land in Patna. Is it a residential requirement or commercial? The customer is an individual or institutional/industrial/corporate. Accordingly, the TEAM moves. Verification of all papers and then the neighborhood due- diligence of the land are carried by our team. We meet the landowner and the family many a times. Once we are satisfied that the land is clean, we offer it to buyer; an individual or institution. Further, we carry all paper works relating to purchase. We then have a team which helps even in development of the land, build a home for an individual or help builders develop the land.

Buyers of house in Patna

The demand for apartments and flats have surged in Patna in recent times BUT there still remains a segment of home buyers in Patna who love “HOUSE”. They love to own the land and the residential unit on it completely. We therefore run the dual research and search for the land as well as the constructed unit. Thorough verification of the land and house is carried out not only by papers but the neighborhood too. The quality and design of construction plays an important role. We also identify the need for renovation and landscaping. We completely estimate the additional costs involved post purchase to make it a DREAM living destination in Patna for the buyer.

Landowners and Landlords in Patna

You or your fore-fathers invested time and money on the property for sale now. You are parting away from the “trophy” because you invested to reap the benefits of the risk you took years ago or there is another social-economic need that needs priority. We get you the people who value your property rightly. The transaction is hassle free and you get your payments in time. We care for the neighborhood as much as you do. Many a time we help you in re-investment too in the same asset class: land in Patna.


Residential Tenants in Patna. We carry “Renting and Leasing” for tenants in Patna on the principle of “LOWEST & BEST”. We get you the lowest rent and best accommodation according to your requirement in the locality that matches your profile and needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver superlative value, way beyond accepted industry benchmarks, and way ahead of customer expectations – Vira Developers helps in bringing masterpieces to life.

We believe in Consistency, Commitment & Dedication towards our customers and associated partners continuing education, for only by learning better ways to provide service can we enhance our reputation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep developing organic competency in the provision of quality services in the domains of real estate and infrastructure to our valued client base.

We are working together for a common purpose Aspiration & Innovation helping one another when possible will bring harmony and wealth to us all. We expect cooperation from our employees and sales staff.

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